Tony Seesing


Lengtewal 2

5509KC Veldhoven



Tel.: ++31(0)40-2545715

Gsm: ++31(0)6-13236934



Did I take your picture and hand you my business-card, then you can ask me for a copy of the image. Just send me a mail with following information:

- event or place where the picture was taken and,

- number of the picture (written on the back-side of the business-card).

Interested in modelling in front of my camera? Contact me. I setup a studio in my garage. Although it is a bit small, it is sufficient for some nice portraits. We can use the garage, but we could also shoot on location. Sessions in principle will be based on "time for photos" or "time for CD". To avoid misunderstandings I prefer using a model-contract.

Note: It is pointless asking me for a photo-shoot at weddings, celebrations or ceremonies. To prevent disappointment I prefer leaving this to professionals, who made it their job.